SBGF Success Stories 

We’ve just awarded another grant – this one to Eurydice Moore –
She offers a variety of support services to all types of businesses including start-up nonprofits, finding funding resources for nonprofits and for-profit companies, online grant writing classes, and more.
As advocates of success for small businesses, we are pleased to have this opportunity to support Eurydice in continuing to provide her much-needed services.

A security company, providing security services to hotels, buildings and events, trying to bounce back from being shut down due to the pandemic, needed a vehicle repaired so they could bid on new contracts.  Our grant helped them cover the cost of that vehicle repair so they are now able to bid on contracts requesting mobile security services.  We are happy to have been able to support them in their desire to grow their company!

We’ve just approved our first grant application! Congratulations to Journey Gardens! An exceptional gardening business that creates charming gardens, turning front – side – and back yards into magical spaces. As can be true with any new business, the costs associated with payroll can catch you by surprise. We were able to help fund that initial obstacle, and work with the owner to develop a plan that will support her in growing and sustaining her business.

Congratulations, Journey Gardens – and best wishes for continued success!

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And, please share this info with other small business owners who can benefit from receiving a micro-grant for the growth and sustainability of their business!

Are you a small business owner in need of a small bit of financial assistance to:

  • Buy a new piece of equipment or software?
  • Take a course to give you new skills?
  • Pay one-time expenses such as a licensing fee?
  • Hire a consultant to help with financial planning? A tax preparer to file your tax returns? A bookkeeper to clean up your books?
  • Pay a deposit for Workers Comp Insurance? A rent deposit for a larger office?

There are any number of expenses that come up and can be a set-back for small business owners.

We want you to STAY IN BUSINESS!

We want you to SUCCEED!

We want you to GROW!